Striving for digital equality

We want to create the world’s largest functioning sales force, disrupting the traditional value chain and distribution of apps, software and services.


Multi-level marketing, reinvented

Impact Crowd Technology will, as the first digital multi-level marketing company, address the challenge of long-term sustainability.

We value continuous innovation, are purely digital and have a global reach. Impact Crowd Technology is disrupting monopolised markets on a global scale. We are building purely digital leaders and global frontrunners – one industry at a time.


Continuous innovation

We’re proud of our unstinting commitment to generating innovative digital products designed to provide you with new revenue streams. We are equally dedicated to seeking out and developing innovations that support our network of salespeople.


Purely digital

We intend to remain purely digital in our product offering. We want to deliver impact technology – via our online projects – that will disrupt and challenge traditional digital industries and software distribution channels.


Global reach

We are global. As such, our priority is to build global frontrunners in multiple industries, disrupting monopolised markets by offering a unique and robust value proposition on a global scale. The aim of Impact Crowd Technology is to establish online global leaders.

Impact Technology

Impact Technology refers to the intentional use of frontier technology to benefit and promote new sources of employment and accelerate economic diversification – while simultaneously addressing major social issues.

Due to the necessity of access to venture capital (VC), coupled with the global lack of the same, most successful software companies emerge in locations that already have an established VC industry. Impact Crowd Technology’s aim is to leverage innovative software and impact technology to close the digital divide and drive prosperity through trade in developing countries.

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The network marketing business model has been around for decades. And it works.

The world’s top ten multi-level marketing companies had combined net revenues of USD40.8 Billion in 2018. The industry supports millions of full and part- time employees and mostly has fair compensation plans in place – in addition to training on how to work the business.