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Who we are

This is where remarkable innovation meets rapid pace fuelled by relentless focus

Our extraordinary drive comes from our willingness to go that extra mile in everything we do.

Impact Crowd Technology S.L.

Headquartered in Madrid, Impact Crowd Technology S.L. is a privately held Spanish company. The company’s vision is to create the world’s largest salesforce, disrupting the traditional value chain and distribution of apps, software and services. Impact Crowd Technology will do this by growing a portfolio of online projects to disrupt and challenge traditional digital industries and software distribution channels. By utilizing its future network of salespeople to sell purely digital products directly to the customer, Impact Crowd Technology will grow its reach and sales potential in unprecedented ways.

Social Impact at Impact Crowd Technology

We are partnering with leading CSR experts to create lasting, transformative solutions to some of the world’s most critical social challenges.

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Who we are

This is what we believe, what we do and what our goal is

What we believe

Digital products are 1’s and 0’s, duplicated through cut and paste. Unlike many other MLM companies, our network will never have to buy or sit on physical inventory. This differentiates our business model from current competitors in the MLM space.

What we do

Impact Crowd Technology’s aim is to use a MLM sales structure to enable a network of salespeople to sell other companies’ digital products. Our focus is on cherry- picking great products and distributing these through our extensive online sales network.

What is our goal

As the first digital MLM company, Impact Crowd Technology will address the challenge of long- term sustainability.We aim to build a vast library of digital products that are easily accessible for an entire network of salespeople to use, recommend and sell
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Legal Environment at Impact Crowd Technology

Impact Crowd Technology has been set up in accordance with strict corporate governance and a solid managerial foundation that meets all European laws and regulations. This is an incremental step in order to gain the confidence and trust of our network of salespeople, as well as all future investors, partners, legislators, and media.


Our People

Meet our team

At Impact Crowd Technology, we always go that extra mile in everything we do. Together we have built a network of salespeople with an unprecedented reach and future sales potential.

Join us

ICT is a multigenerational company with employees from 20 to 65. We support the development of every employee through their ICT journey. We are proud that so many have chosen to remain and grow with us as we have gone through extensive transformations as a company. And we’d like you to join us on our journey.

Advisors & Collaborators

ICT has attracted some of the world’s leading experts in network marketing. They have all been attracted by the potential of ICT’s unique business proposition and are motivated by the long-term prospects and ambition.