Corporate Governance


A solid managerial foundation

Impact Crowd Technology (ICT) is set up in accordance with strict corporate governance and a solid managerial foundation that fulfils all European and international laws and regulations. It is a registered Spanish company, based in Madrid. Due to industry specifics, this is a vital and incremental step in order to gain the confidence and trust not only of our members, but of future partners, the media, and legislators too.


ICT meets the strictest demands on compliance, transparency, as well as legal requirements, including tax laws and the relevant regulations. To support us, we work with one of the most reputable auditing companies in the world.


We are actively combating the prejudice that surrounds the digital multi-level marketing industry as a whole. To this end, we have established Impact Crowd Technology S.L. in Madrid, Spain.


To attract a wider product portfolio, we must achieve complete transparency in our corporate structure. Recruitment of new management is also a priority, with focus on supervision and the implementation of a proper product department to ensure continued growth of Impact Crowd Technology’s portfolio.


To fight the concerns regarding the long-term viability of the business, our priority remains the creation of long-term incentives for top management that are addressed through new incentive schemes and option plans.


The nature of the industry is unable to guarantee the success of a pioneer, which can lead to various outcomes. By encouraging education and establishing a long-term incentive structure, we create a resilient and sustainable business.
As the first digital MLM company, ICT will address the challenge of long-term sustainability. We aim to implement our strategy following strict and ‘traditional’ corporate governance, compliance and transparency with the intention of taking the company public within four years. Over time, we will build a vast library of digital products that are easily accessible for our members.

Compliance is looked upon as a competitive advantage within ICT. For KYC of customers, we use (Malta) to ensure smooth and accurate KYC procedures, including PEP Screening and other compliance controls.

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