Our Company


What we believe

We believe leadership requires boldness. The future is defined by speed and the courage to adapt. To be exceptional, we must disrupt the norm.

Our Vision

To create the world’s largest sales force, disrupting the traditional value chain and distribution of apps, software and services.

Our Mission

By utilising traditional multi-level marketing modules and improving communication and distribution systems, we aim to:

  • Disrupt and change traditional software distribution channels.
  • Enable entrepreneurs to charge a fee for software given away for free today.
  • Provide committed and ambitious salespeople with a library of products, apps, software and services to recommend and sell.
  • For the first time, truly exploit long tail influencer marketing and direct sales strategies.

Business Idea

Impact Crowd Technology’s business idea is to use a multi-level marketing sales structure to enable a network of members to sell other companies’ digital products.

Impact Crowd Technology does not have R&D or production obligations. It has no physical inventory either. The financial risks associated with many ventures in the software space simply do not exist here.

The company will instead focus on cherry-picking great products and distributing these through vast sales networks.

The Sales of Digital Products

Digital products are 1’s and 0’s, duplicated by cut and paste. There are no extra costs for adding new products that have been sold, and there are almost no distribution and storage costs. This will enable ICT to sell software at a high discount, while still paying commissions to the sales network.

Unlike many other MLM companies, our members will never have to buy or sit on any physical inventory, thereby differentiating our business model from its current competitors in multi-level marketing.

Company Goals

Step 1

The first step in fulfilling our vision is through the establishment of Impact Crowd Technology with a head office in Madrid.

Step 2

Second, to continuously recruit new professionals to our team who share an ambition to fulfil our vision and mission. Our people are passionate about delivering results – and they contribute with diverse experience and  knowledge from a wide range of industries.

Step 3

Third, now, our focus lies in expanding our product portfolio and building an extensive library of digital products, accessible for our network to use, recommend and sell.

Step 4

Fourth, we partner with leaders within Corporate Social Responsibility to create lasting, transformative solutions to some of the world’s most critical social challenges. The products offered are part of a new frontier technological movement with the potential to promote new sources of employment and income. We aim to accelerate economic diversification by giving access to new markets and  opportunities previously out of reach.
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Legal Environment at Impact Crowd Technology

Impact Crowd Technology has been set up in accordance with strict corporate governance and a solid managerial foundation that fulfils European laws and regulations. This has been a key incremental step in gaining the confidence and trust not only of our salespeople, but also future investors, partners, legislators, and media.

Impact Crowd Technology is actively working against the prejudice that surrounds the multi-level marketing industry. Our priority is to address the threats and challenges of long-term sustainability in the industry. The company has implemented a strong and viable corporate strategy to ensure our business activities follow regional compliance and regulations and can be sustained in the long-term.

Our People

ICT is a multigenerational company with employees spanning all ages from 20 to 65. We support the development of every employee through their ICT journey. We are proud that so many have chosen to remain and grow with us as we have gone through extensive transformations as a company.